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Working with you

Our formula for success is as follows: we combine active sourcing (using our own resources such as databases, media and networks) with the classic direct approach and cross-media, public job postings.

Whether it’s search or diagnostics, we operate according to the mandate.

Search specifics

Each mandate is based on a personal conversation. Based on this we provide you with an individual offer; this documents the entire search process and indicates the costs involved. All mandates are managed in collaboration with your contact person – from getting an idea of the profile to successfully appointing a candidate in the key role.

Personal dedication, a holistic view, cross-industry expertise and our experience are all key to the way in which we manage our mandates.

Our search process
Thanks to our transparency, you will always be aware of the stage we are at, whether that’s setting out the profile, searching and identifying qualified applicants or making the final decision.
Market comparison
Our search strategy is designed to cater to your vacancy on an individual level. As a neutral, trusted authority, we ensure all internal as well as external applicants go through a fine-tuned process, enabling you to make meaningful comparisons.
Secured decision-making process
With or without a search mandate, our diagnostics service provides you with an additional benefit that helps support your decision-making process.


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