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Working with you

Whether part of the search mandate or on a stand-alone basis, our diagnostics service uses assessments to support appointment decisions. The Lienert-Loop is a tool we have designed to offer valuable assistance and measurable added value for various recruitment scenarios.

Diagnostics specifics

Supporting personnel decisions is a fascinating and complex process. During the assessment process, the various facets of a candidate’s leadership qualities are analysed in depth and judged objectively.

This is especially crucial when it comes to situations like succession planning and evaluating members of the board of directors, or issues such as top sharing.

Variety of methods
Personality and potential analysis for leadership candidates as key elements of a holistic management diagnostics process involving multiple assessment approaches.
Applicable in a variety of ways
As a versatile way of expanding skill sets and self-reflecting at both an individual and business level, right up to management diagnostics and developing future leadership candidates.
Provide clarity
Our results reports condense the most important insights into a clearly arranged format. They form a valuable foundation for complex personnel decisions at different types of organisations – from SMEs to corporate groups. Public interest entities in particular appreciate this service.
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Lienert-Loop toolbox

The Lienert-Loop makes use of multiple tools, combining competence-based interviews, oral and written exercises, psychological test procedures and leadership simulations. We put together the most suitable tools depending on the skills profile. The Lienert-Loop always surveys/records the skills as defined with the client beforehand using a variety of methods. This overlap leads to an objective and nuanced evaluation. The results are summarised and presented in a report.

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